Cash Coach

Cash Coach is an Artificial Intelligence that uses advanced analytics to give people monthly saving challenges, using gamification mechanics to promote member motivation.


Target Investment

Number of Investors

SEIS and/or EIS







The Rules

Connect your bank accounts to the Cash Coach app with secure, read-only encryption and have a complete overview of your finances

Pick your difficulty level

Set what mode you want to play in each month: Easy, Medium or Ambitious

Reach your weekly milestones

Cash Coach breaks down your monthly challenge into weekly saving goals. Our technology analyses your finances to create objectives that are unique to you

Track your performance

Complete your challenges and you’ll be richer. Fail and you’ll be poorer. Simple.


Compete against other CashCoach members: competition will make you better. At the end of the week, you will be ranked on your saving performance against other members

Benchmark your spending

Get all the data you need to compare your spending against your peers. If you want to change your spending habits, you know where to look

Your arsenal for success

Better than budgeting - monthly saving challenges and weekly milestones remove the need for a budgeting app

Smart saving

Cash Coach identifies your recurring bills, subscriptions and spending patterns to create personalised goals that you can reach

Daily motivation

Sometimes all you need to succeed is a little motivation. I can support you on your mission with personalised messages and push notifications

Your financial story

Numbers are the best storytellers. Your data visualization tools let you track you progress and show you where you money is going

Account aggregation

No more logging in and out of different apps and online platforms. I use open banking technology. That means you can see all of your spending in one place - whether you have 2 banks accounts or 20.


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