Hollabox is an experience sharing platform for 18 - 30’s, facilitating venue experiences and discovery through HD, user-generated bite-size videos.


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Who Are We?

Hollabox is an experience sharing platform for 18 - 30’s looking for places to go and things to do in any city. Unlike other services, we facilitate this through authentic and immersive bite sized videos created by the target audience themselves. 

We’re the next big Gen Z platform, displacing the dinosaurs of Tripadvisor and Timeout and we’re doing all this because we think life is short, so we want to help people have better experiences in the real world.


  1. Disrupting the space as the only company with a UGC video-only approach.
  2. Creators of game changing API technology as part of our content streaming service.
  3. Highly personalised UX through bespoke CDN and AI.
  4. Completely actionable and one day shoppable content. Book tables, tickets and taxis in just seconds, all whilst still viewing.

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