Learn, compare and monitor investments for free. Reitly is a B2B data service company, with a retail customer face. We provide a simplified learning area, and commitment-free access.


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Who Are We?

Reitly is a B2B data as a service company, providing mass market financial information and tools for free to consumers in order to collect and curate unique data to sell to financial providers in order to make better products.


We are building a place where people can go to understand financial investments (incl pensions) in simple language and short videos, compare products and performance in an 'apples to apples' way, as well as understanding the assets the company owns, which explains the performance.

We are showing the assets, and using REIT's first, because primarily people relate to investing in their home and property as a landlord, seeing this as a 'good investment'. 

The stock market is confusing to many, however they lack funds to buy a home or speak to a wealth manager. We are showing the properties, in a simple landlord based business model, except REITs are tax free and dont have the hassle of managing it yourself. 

You can also invest from as little as a few pounds. We want to make it straight forward and transparent to understand these products, as well as monitor performance over time in a personalised dashboard.


We are doing all of this for free for the user, and working with Robinhood (US startup broker valued at $8bn and disrupting the investment markets) to provide free brokerage. They love our product and are keen to work together as they see us as the answer to getting true mass market appeal.



Currently we are only showing one asset class, REIT's. In our later releases we want to add all asset classes, and importantly funds like pensions and ISA's. Not many people know what their pension is invested in, or the fees. Apparently on average we could retire 4 years earlier if we didnt have to pay the pension fees! So we will show you what is inside these funds, and compare them to other similar funds as well as different options, like investing for yourself.


There is approx £250 billion in UK bank accounts of 47 million people that could be invested but people are confused and worried about transparency. This is our target market, but of course we can replicate it in every advanced market globally.

We have only just launched and its not yet fully functional, but we are getting good traction with users and are about to start marketing.

Latest updates

Presence and promotion: Leona has spoken at global events in countries such as Korea and venues like the Shard. We are gathering support and engaging with government policy makers and underserved user groups doing further marketing.

Reitly was featured in Sifted!:

Reitly will also feature in an upcoming edition of The Evening Standard, and are in talks with journalists for other features.

Our user numbers continue steady organic growth and return user numbers are holding. We are also developing and will soon be launching a demo account functionality and pension fund comparisons.

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