Trackener has revolutionised equine care with data and technology. After launching our horse monitoring technology a year ago, we aim to grow sales and refine our product with powerful machine learning.


Target Investment

Number of Investors

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Yes - £500k EIS available

Who Are We?

Trackener is on a mission to revolutionise equine care with a 24/7 remote horse monitoring technology.

Until now, daily horse care has been relying almost only on visual assessment and gut feeling, which is very limited. Horse owners and carers are doing their best to take care of their horses but the horses still experience health problems. 

How Does It Work?
Trackener is a connected device using the power of data analysis to help horse owners and care givers detect and prevent health problems through unique insights on activity, sleep, anxiety, location and heart rate.

The product is currently being used by amateur horse owners, professional horse riders, racehorse trainers, researchers and vets. Since launching the product in November 2018, we generated £14,000 of revenue with almost no marketing activities.


The co-founders of the company are Pauline Issard (CEO), forever horse lover with a masters degree in engineering and technology entrepreneurship from UCL; and Jeremie Charlet (CTO), senior software developer who managed several projects at the National Archives before founding Trackener.

The Next Phase
Trackener is looking to raise funds in order to grow the sales and to make the product a game changer in the equine industry by implementing more and more problems detection algorithms using machine learning.

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